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Hainan Striving for Creating a Never-ending “Consumer Expo”

Release time: 2021-06-21 12:01        Source: NEWS ELEGANT

In Haikou, people can experience marine sports at the National Sailing Base Public Pier and Holiday Beach, or play golf at Mission Hills Resort; explore the strange crustal lava at the World Geological Crater Park, or experience Chinese history and culture at Haikou Qilou Old Street and Wugong Temple Scenic Area.

Haikou is also a “gathering place for delicacies”. The night market is full of lights and aromas, and local specialties such as Hainan noodles, rice with spicy soup, old salt lemonade and coconut chicken have long-established reputation among tourists.

It is the desire of Chinese consumers to “travel around Haikou and Shop around the world”. There are now four duty-free stores in Haikou, with a wide range of products which are good in quality and cheap in prices, and can be picked up quickly and conveniently at the airport, railway station and docks after shopping.

With the acceleration of the construction of Hainan FTP, Hainan is planning to build a globally influential consumer boutique center in Haikou to enhance the effect of the Consumer Expo, give full play to the policy advantages of the FTP as well as its unique geographical and business advantages to realize its goal “buy globally and sell globally”.

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