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Welcome to China International Consumer Products Expo
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Hotel Service
No.Hotel NameAddressDistrictNumber of roomsDistance from the Exhibition and Convention Center(km)Grade
1Haikou Marriott Hotel 292 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District386500m Five-star
2Shangri-La Hotel, Haikou 256 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District3371km Five-star

No.Hotel NameAddressDistrictNumber of roomsDistance from the Exhibition and Convention Center(km)Grade
1Haikou YATTER International Conference Center Hotel7 Changbin 1st Road, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District3003km Five-star
2Haikou hongyantang Hotel140 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District973km Five-star
3Sheraton Haikou Resort136 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District3413km Five-star
4Shengfule Conifer Hotel HaikouNo.5, changbindong 3rd Street, west coast, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District4113km Five-star
5Hainan Impression HotelNo.9, Changbin 4th Road, Binhai Avenue, West Coast tourist resort, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District1202km Four-star
6Holiday Inn Haikou West Coast191 Binhai West Road, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District2003km Four-star
7Haikou Juzhi International HotelNo.8, Changbin Third Road, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District2523km Four-star
8Hainan Golden Sunshine Hot Spring ResortChangbin North 5th Road, 278 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District4172km Four-star
9Vienna International Hotel (Haikou International Convention and Exhibition Center)6 Changbin 3rd road, west coast, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District2702km Four-star
10International Academic Exchange Center Hotel, Hainan Central Reform InstituteNo.1, East Fourth Street, Changbin, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District1873km Four-star
11Xinghu Peninsula Hotel (Haikou International Convention and Exhibition Center)195 Binhai Avenue, west coast of great China, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District1303km Three-star
12Li Feng Hotel (Haikou Binhai Avenue store)Area C, 299-1 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District1453km Three-star
13Haikou Dahua West Coast Holiday Inn197 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District1693km Three-star

No.Hotel NameAddressDistrictNumber of roomsDistance from the Exhibition and Convention Center(km)Grade
1Tianyou Grand Hotel239 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District1995km Five-star
2Hainan Yatai Hot Spring HotelYingbin peninsula on the west coast of Xiuying District (Old Town Economic Development Zone)Xiuying District30610km Five-star
3Haikou Haihuayu Seaview Hotel10 Changxin Road, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District818km Four-star
4Ulan Hot Spring Hotel Haikou7 Changyi Road, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District1249km Four-star

No.Hotel NameAddressDistrictNumber of roomsDistance from the Exhibition and Convention Center(km)Grade
1Kaiwei Hotel Hainan20 Haigang Road, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District21811km Four-star
2Hampton by Hilton Haikou NanhaiNanhai xingfuhui phase I, 889 Nanhai Avenue, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District22913km Four-star
3Haikou Real Madrid Holiday Drunken Hainan Hotel8 Meihua Road, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District18714km Four-star
4Yicheng Holiday Wanda Plaza Hotel HaikouBuilding 12, Wanda Plaza, baishuitang Road, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District8616km Four-star
5Hainan Jiulong Hot Spring Resort21 km Nanhai Avenue in Lihai sunshineXiuying District48918.6km Four-star
6Haikou Happy Farm ResortRuhuang village entrance at the south foot of crater ParkXiuying District4718.7km Four-star
7Haikou Sanxian Impression HotelNo.9, Changbin 4th Road, Binhai Avenue, West Coast tourist resort, Xiuying District, HaikouXiuying District1204.8km Four-star
8Haikou Meishi Mayflower Golf Resort88 Binhai West RoadXiuying District928.4km Four-star
9Vienna International Hotel (Haikou West Bus Station)No. 160-3, haixiu West Road, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District17015.8km Three-star
10Vienna Hotel (Haikou Wanda Plaza)Building 12, Wanda mansion, baishuitang Road, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District7917.2km Three-star
11Xieyue Seaview Hotel (Haikou new harbor store)Building 3, parking lot, Nangang logistics center, Binhai Avenue railway, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District6010.3km Three-star
12Orange Hotel (Haikou Xiuying store)No.8, Meisu Road, Xiuying street, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District9415km Three-star
13Haikou champagne Garden Hotel145 Nanhai Avenue, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District6616km Three-star
14Haikou Jingrun HotelWenhui Yaju, No.70, Qiuhai Avenue, Xiuying DistrictXiuying District10016km Three-star
15Hainan Binggong Hotel (Haikou)180 haixiu Road, Haikou CityXiuying District15216.3km Three-star
16Haikou Huayuan Shengyuan Hotel11 Xiuying AvenueXiuying District14212.2km Three-star
17Haikou xiaoyaju Inn3 Haisheng RoadXiuying District1812.1km Three-star
18Haikou Tujia Shengjie Dahua West Coast Service Apartment195 Binhai Avenue, Xiuying District, HaikouXiuying District1424.5km Three-star

No.Hotel NameAddressDistrictNumber of roomsDistance from the Exhibition and Convention Center(km)Grade
1Wyndham Garden Hotel Haikou NanguoNanguo Venice international community, 188 Yunding Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District10060km Five-star
2Ai Fei Hotel167 Haifu Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District10523km Four-star
3Tianyi Donghuan Hotel HaikouEast Ring Plaza, 139 Longkun South Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District24623km Four-star
4Hetai Hotel (Haikou Hongcheng Lake)12 Zhuyun Road, Fucheng Town, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District14423km Four-star
5Haikou Xiangjiang International Hot Spring Hotel17 Qiongzhou Avenue, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District19624km Four-star
6Moutai Welcome Hotel26 Fengxiang West Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District8824km Four-star
7Forest City Hotel Hainan99 Fengxiang East RoadQiongshan District14126.1km Four-star
8Vienna International Hotel2-6 Zhongshan South Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District21726km Four-star
9Tianyi International Hotel HaikouTianshangrenren hotel apartment at the intersection of Fengxiang East Road and Binjiang Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District20627km Four-star
10Baofeng International Hotel HaikouNo. 521-29, Xindazhou Avenue, Binjiang street, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District20830km Four-star
11Haikou Jiuju Youjian HotelBack yard of Guoxing Avenue Provincial LibraryQiongshan District8524.1km Four-star
12Century Royal Hotel Haikou54 Haifu RoadQiongshan District12322.6km Four-star
13Junhong Garden Hotel Haikou140 Haifu RoadQiongshan District10823.6km Four-star
14Haikou Dongfang Meichen Hotel185 hongchenghu Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District10822km Three-star
15Jinjiang Capital Hotel (Haikou East High Speed Railway Station Normal University store)103 Longkun South Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District6024km Three-star
16Haikou lair Boshi Hotel97 Longkun South Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District7123km Three-star
17All season hotel (Haikou Hongcheng Lake store)183 hongchenghu Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District11822km Three-star
18Yishang Hotel (Haikou Zhongshan South Road High Speed Railway East Station)11 Zhongshan South Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District11625km Three-star
19Hainan tengpeng HotelXingdan erheng Road, Guoxing Avenue, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District16924km Three-star
20Huayuan railway Hot Spring Hotel (east bus station)165 Haifu Road, Haikou CityQiongshan District10423.8km Three-star
21Hainan Huasheng Hot Spring Hotel105 Longkun South RoadQiongshan District8423.3km Three-star
22Berman Hotel (RT mart, Longkun South Road, Haikou)18-22 / F, Kaili building, 92 Longkun South Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District10221km Three-star
23Haikou YeMeng HotelXilong building, 136 Longkun South Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District10022km Three-star
24Haikou Beichen Hotel113-1 Fengxiang East Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District9525km Three-star
25Chonghua Business Hotel Haikou125 Fengxiang Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District6225km Three-star
26Pengshanda Hotel Haikou123 Fengxiang East Road, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District11625km Three-star
27Fulin ecological Hotel Haikou105 Fengxiang East Road, Fucheng Town, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District13926km Three-star
28Walton Hotel Haikou28 Yehai Avenue, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District6828km Three-star
29Zongheng building, Qiongshan, Haikou53 Qiongzhou Avenue, Haikou CityQiongshan District20024.1km Three-star
30Haikou Coconut Island Star ResortOpposite to Qiongshan fire brigade, south of Yehai Avenue, Qiongshan District, Haikou City, Hainan ProvinceQiongshan District16627.8km Three-star
31Hainan sitongyuan Hotel38 Zhongshan South RoadQiongshan District10824.3km Three-star
32Zhongze Business Hotel HaikouSanqing building, 78-1 Longkun South Road, Qiongshan District, Haikou CityQiongshan District9720.4km Three-star
33Haikou Aojia Sunshine Hotel11 Zhongshan South RoadQiongshan District16824.6km Three-star
34Exchange Bank Hotel Hainan 2-6 Zhongshan South RoadQiongshan District21625.0km Three-star
35Fengxiang Lake Hotel Haikou141 Fengxiang Road, Qiongshan District, HaikouQiongshan District8126.3km Three-star
36Shangkeyou Express Hotel (Haikou East High Speed Railway Station)85 Gaodeng East Street, Qiongshan DistrictQiongshan District7324.8km Three-star
37Haikou yuepin Hotel169 sanfengli, Qiongshan District, HaikouQiongshan District3424.7km Three-star

No.Hotel NameAddressDistrictNumber of roomsDistance from the Exhibition and Convention Center(km)Grade
1Hainan Guest House No.9, Shanxi Third Road, DayingMeilan District21821km Five-star
2Hainan Guest House No. 2 BuildingNo.8, Shanxi Third Road, Daying, Meilan DistrictMeilan District35321km Five-star
3Hualuxe Hotels & Resorts Haikou Seaview21 Bihai Avenue, Meilan DistrictMeilan District23620km Five-star
4Haikou Mingguang Shengyi Hotel9 Nanhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictMeilan District33122km Five-star
5Howard Johnson New Port Resort Haikou 21 Xiyuan Road, Xinbu Island, Meilan DistrictMeilan District29823km Five-star
6New Yantai Hotel18 Wudong Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District35323km Five-star
7Hilton Haikou Meilan 2 Qiongshan Avenue, Meilan DistrictMeilan District44328km Five-star
8Eadry Royal Garden Hotel188 Haiyu Avenue, Meilan DistrictMeilan District30540km Five-star
9Treasure Island Hotel Haikou16 Lantian Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District23421km Four-star
10New Osrock Hotel Haikou12 haixiu Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District22221km Four-star
11Holiday Inn Haikou Real Madrid22 Haifu Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District20822km Four-star
12Hainan Hotel51 Haifu Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District16622km Four-star
13Real Madrid Holiday Nanyang Museum Hotel (Haikou Qilou Old Street)Distribution square, Qilou old street, shuixiangkou, No.34, Changdi Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District10319km Four-star
14Hampton by Hilton Haikou Haidian Island3 Chunhua Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District15820km Four-star
15Twelve Oaks Hotel Haikou18 Wanhua Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District13521km Four-star
16Hainan Xinyuan Hot Spring Hotel 16 haixiu East Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District35121km Four-star
17International Academic Exchange Center Hotel, Hainan University58 Renmin Avenue, Meilan DistrictMeilan District23422km Four-star
18Golden Coast Lawton Hotel Haikou68 Renmin Avenue, Meilan DistrictMeilan District35422km Four-star
19Lan O Hotel23 Lantian Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District11822km Four-star
20Penghui Tide Hotel Haikou18 Heping Avenue, Meilan DistrictMeilan District40822km Four-star
21CitiGO Huange Hotel Haikou Center44 haixiu Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District12922km Four-star
22Clivia HotelNo.3, Daying Shandong Third Road, Guoxing Avenue, Meilan DistrictMeilan District10922km Four-star
23Haikou Meihua Hetai Hotel83 Bailong South Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District14524km Four-star
24Jizhu Holiday ApartmentNo.1, zone a, country garden, 63-1 Heping Avenue, Haidian Island?Meilan District3522.5km Four-star
25Kaiton Hotel30 Qingnian Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District11925km Four-star
26Haikou Real Madrid Holiday Island Style Hotel72 Binjiang Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District12822km Four-star
27Novotel Haikou Xinbu IslandNo.6, Henggou 2nd Street, Xinbu street, Meilan DistrictMeilan District14125km Four-star
28Orange Season International Hotel Haikou187 Qiongshan Avenue, Meilan DistrictMeilan District20027km Four-star
29Mango Crystal HotelF5 Jiangshan pedestrian street, plot a-47, Hongzhou Jiangshan, No. 188, Haicheng Avenue, Lingshan Town, Meilan DistrictMeilan District7836km Four-star
30Sumikahara Design HotelBuilding 3, Jiangshan street front shop, Hongzhou, 188 Haiyu Avenue, Meilan DistrictMeilan District10636km Four-star
31Champs Emeishe Resort HaikouNo.166 Qiongshan Avenue, Lingshan Town, Meilan DistrictMeilan District17327km Four-star
32Yitang Flying Hotel Haikou Meilan Airport5 Hang'an 1st Street, Meilan DistrictMeilan District13040km Four-star
33Haikou Hongzhou Eadry Yujing Building180 Haiyu Avenue, Meilan DistrictMeilan District7641km Four-star
34Hainan Sunshine Hotel33 dollar Garden RoadMeilan District6224.5km Four-star
35Haikou Longfu Resort HotelNext to Baishamen Park, No.10, Liudong Road, HaidianMeilan District8421.9km Four-star
36Hainan Yikang Hot Spring Seaview Hotel2 Wanxing Road, Haidian IslandMeilan District24619.7km Four-star
37Wave Wing HotelMeilan Town, Meilan District, HaikouMeilan District9645.4km Four-star
38The Q Hotel Haikou Meilan Greenland9 Haiyu Avenue, Meilan District, HaikouMeilan District25240.4km Four-star
39Lanhai Hotel Haikou88 Bihai Avenue, Haidian IslandMeilan District20119.9km Four-star
40Hainan Jinhong Hot Spring Garden Hotel15 Lantian RoadMeilan District19921.4km Four-star
41Xinghu Peninsula Hotel (Sun Moon Plaza, Haikou)21 Nanbao Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District14821km Three-star
42? Feng Hotel (Haikou Hainan University store)No.8-14, San Dong Road, Haidian Island, Meilan DistrictMeilan District12120km Three-star
43Longquan Hotel (South Bridge flagship store)18 Longkun South Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District12120km Three-star
44Longquan renzhixing Bailong Hotel, Haikou28 Bailong South Road, Meilan District, Haikou CityMeilan District15323.5km Three-star
45Jinjiang Capital Hotel (Sun Moon duty free Plaza, Wuzhishan Road, Haikou)17 Wuzhishan Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District16022km Three-star
46Jinjiang Star (Dongfeng Bridge)No.36, Wenming East Road, ShanghaiMeilan District15325.3km Three-star
47Haikou Yuhai Hot Spring Hotel11 Wuzhishan RoadMeilan District15722.5km Three-star
48Haikou sveden service apartment (flying mansion store of provincial government)Flight mansion, building 16, east gate, area C, HNA Guoxing City, Guoxing Avenue, Meilan DistrictMeilan District8523km Three-star
49Haikou sveden holiday apartment (Baishamen Park Rongyu sea view store)Rongyu phase III, Haixing Road, Haidian Island, Meilan DistrictMeilan District14322km Three-star
50Yishang Hotel (Meiyuan Road, Guoxing Avenue, Haikou)66 Meixian Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District12021.7km Three-star
51Gleden smart hotel (Haikou Qilou Old Street store)16 Bailong Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District7021km Three-star
52Haikou manyue Hot Spring HotelNo.6, Haidian Wudong Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District10222km Three-star
53Haikou haiqilin Hotel28 haixiu East Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District12820km Three-star
54Luomeng Hotel (Riyue Plaza, Haikou)Building C, Hangzhou building, 8 Wanhua Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District10822km Three-star
55Haikou Jiangwan Sea View Hotel2 Haidian 1st West Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District22421km Three-star
56Lanting City Resort Haikou53 Wuzhishan Road, Meilan DistrictMeilan District13622.5km Three-star
57Diamond Holiday Inn HaikouNo.5, Fuan Road, Haidian Wudong Road, Haidian Island, Meilan DistrictMeilan District6023km Three-star
58Green Oriental Hotel (Meilan Airport store, Jiangdong new district, Hainan free trade port)1-1, sub building, e-commerce building, LUONIUSHAN Industrial Park, north of Linggui Road, Guilin Ocean Economic Development Zone, Meilan DistrictMeilan District12835km Three-star
59Patton apartment (23 ° Haidian, Xinbu Island, Haikou)101, building 2, 23 duhai Binhai International, country garden central Peninsula, 25 Xiyuan Road, Xinbu Island, Meilan DistrictMeilan District8324km Three-star
60Yuhua original design hotel (Meilan hotel of Haikou Meilan Airport)Meilan village, Yanfeng Town, Meilan District, opposite (grandma's food garden)Meilan District8844km Three-star
61Hainan Shanhai ResortLinhai 2nd Road, Guilin yangbinhai ResortMeilan District15438.1km Three-star
62Haikou Shanhaitian HotelBaoluo Road, Guangpo townMeilan District9967.1km Three-star
63Hainan Meilan HNA Hotel 300m west of Meilan International Airport TerminalMeilan District24843.2km Three-star
64Haikou Banana International Youth Hostel Liyuan community, 21 Renmin Avenue, Haidian IslandMeilan District2019.9km Three-star
65Hainan Jinyuan Business Hotel1 Daying street, haixiu East RoadMeilan District5622km Three-star
66Haikou Honghui Business HotelNo.1, Shanxi Third Road, DayingMeilan District10821.3km Three-star
67Lingquan Hotel Haikou92 qiongwen AvenueMeilan District6834.0km Three-star
68Haikou Jinglan Boutique Hotel60 Renmin Avenue, Haidian Island, Meilan District, HaikouMeilan District5020.2km Three-star
69Simi Theme Hotel HaikouMeilan market, Meilan District, HaikouMeilan District9444.6km Three-star
70Xiaolu ChenKe Boutique HotelOpposite to Fukang furniture Square, Meiyan Road, Meilan market, Yanfeng Town, Meilan District, HaikouMeilan District3445.2km Three-star
71Sijili Hotel Haikou88 Wenming East Road, Meilan District, HaikouMeilan District7124.1km Three-star
72Haiyi Holiday Inn HaikouMeilanxu new market commercial and residential park, Meilan District, HaikouMeilan District6045.1km Three-star
73Haikou jiapengyuan HotelOpposite mangrove commercial street, Yanfeng Town, Meilan District, HaikouMeilan District3747.7km Three-star
74Lingshan Business Hotel118 qiongwen Avenue, Lingshan Town, Meilan District, HaikouMeilan District7541.1km Three-star

No.Hotel NameAddressDistrictNumber of roomsDistance from the Exhibition and Convention Center(km)Grade
1The Langham Haikou77 Binhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District24915km Five-star
2Sofitel Haikou105 Binhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District20914km Five-star
3Hilton Haikou109-9 Binhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District40614km Five-star
4Hainan Junhua Haiyi HotelNo.18, Wenhua Road, Binhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District27013km Five-star
5Real Madrid Holiday Yachts, View of the Sea Resort100 Guanhai Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District11715km Five-star
6The Ritz-Carlton, Haikou39 Yangshan Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District17532km Five-star
7Renaissance Haikou Hotel39 Yangshan Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District28730km Five-star
8Mission Hills Resort HaikouHaikou Guanlan Lake Tourist Resort, No.1 Guanlan Lake Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District53932km Five-star
9Serengeti Hotel52 haixiu Middle Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District22819.8km Four-star
10Garden Apartment Hotel Haikou BayBuilding 1, Hengda haikouwan phase II, No.3 Haitang Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District31014km Four-star
11Thousand Na HotelA-4, Zhisheng Xiyuan, Binhai street, Longhua DistrictLonghua District5915km Four-star
12Baohua Harbour View Hotel69 Binhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District41815km Four-star
13Wanlilong Business Hotel21 Jinlong Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District17019.8km Four-star
14Golden Lotus Herton Seaview Hotel89 Binhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District14115km Four-star
15Longquan Hotel (Haikou Mingzhu Plaza)22 Datong Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District10119km Four-star
16Hyatt Hotel Haikou32 Nansha Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District11220km Four-star
17Baofa Shengyi Hotel Haikou28 Yusha Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District27216km Four-star
18Hainan Yehai Hotel 46 Yusha Road, finance and Trade Zone, Longhua DistrictLonghua District26816km Four-star
19Yuexi Seaview Hotel HaikouWest side of century bridge, 32 Binhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District16017km Four-star
20Boyuan Hotel (Haikou Qilou Old Street)No.23, Taihua Road, Binhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District11617km Four-star
21Conifer Crown Garden Hotel HaikouNo.6, Jinken Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District27219km Four-star
22Real Madrid Holiday South China Sea Museum Hotel61 Longhua West Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District15520km Four-star
23Bank of China HNA International Hotel Haikou38 Datong Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District20621km Four-star
24Hainan Hongyun hotel Rainbow overpass, No.15 haixiu Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District14822km Four-star
25Golden Seaview Hotel Haikou67 Binhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District29415km Four-star
26Huaming Select Hotel HainanBuilding B, China Plaza, 18 Longkun North Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District13817km Four-star
27Xingtai Guangdong Hotel HaikouHuitong building, 26 Guomao Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District15217km Four-star
28Hainan Sun City HotelNo.16, Longhua Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District24318km Four-star
29Haikou Heyihuatian Hotel9-1 Longkun North Road, Longhua District (Hunan building)Longhua District12518km Four-star
30Haikou Chaoshe Hotel7 / F, rongchuang wonderful world, 29 haixiu East Road, Datong Street, Longhua DistrictLonghua District3021km Four-star
31Haikou Wuzhishan International Hot Spring Hotel8-1 Wuzhishan Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District15022km Four-star
32Jinyinlong Hotel HaikouOpposite to east station of high speed railway, Fengxiang Road, Chengxi Town, Longhua DistrictLonghua District23124km Four-star
33Tujia Somerset Ruici Service Apartment HaikouBuilding 6, Upper East District, Guanlan Lake New Town, 39 Yangshan AvenueLonghua District6733.3km Four-star
34S-INN Qi Hotel HaikouNo.1, Chengxi Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District9023km Four-star
35Vienna International HotelNo.16, Haoyuan Road, Nanhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District17619km Four-star
36Baoju Hotel Haikou55 Nanhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District12719km Four-star
37Glen S Hotel342 Yehai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District8022km Four-star
38Haikou Weishe Art HotelIn Guanlan Lake Resort, 1 Guanlan Lake Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District4530km Four-star
39Jingui Heng Hotel Haikou188 West Sanye Road, binya Huayuan new village, Qiuhai AvenueLonghua District9015.3km Four-star
40Haikou Century Landscape Art Theme HotelShenxin International Plaza, 39 haixiu RoadLonghua District12522.0km Four-star
41Haikou Xining Holiday HotelOpposite Wanghai international square, No.3, haixiu East RoadLonghua District15522.2km Four-star
42Shenzhou Business HotelNo.7 Furong Road, north of Binhai Avenue (opposite to Hainan exit Entry Administration Bureau)Longhua District10013.3km Four-star
43Haikou Tuwo Holiday ManorNext to Feng Xiaogang film commune, No.23, Changrong village, Longhua District, HaikouLonghua District3833.5km Four-star
44Haikou Heidelberg Hotel13 Yusha Road, GuomaoLonghua District14915.8km Four-star
45Haikou Taihua HotelNo.2, Taihua Road, Binhai AvenueLonghua District21317km Four-star
46International Finance Hotel29 Datong RoadLonghua District23421.5km Four-star
47Yuexi Boutique Hotel Haikou Fuxing CityWest side of century bridge, 32 Binhai AvenueLonghua District17016.4km Four-star
48Jiakai Crown Hotel Haikou123 Longkun South RoadLonghua District10024km Four-star
49Haikou Guoshang HNA Business Hotel38 Datong Road, Haikou CityLonghua District20621.4km Four-star
50MANXIN Haikou International Trade Center Hotel8 Guomao SANHENG Road, Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan ProvinceLonghua District11915km Three-star
51Hainan Lvjiayuan Boutique Hotel63 Binhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District10017.8km Three-star
52Longquan Garden Hotel (Haikou Wanghai International Plaza)Opposite to Pearl Plaza, No.3, haixiu Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District8922km Three-star
53Jinjiang Star Fashion (Haikou international trade Jinlong Road store)77 Jinlong Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District11416km Three-star
54Haikou Dejia Hotel439 POBO Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District10022km Three-star
55Orange Hotel (Haikou international trade Wanlvyuan)16-1 Guomao SANHENG Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District12615km Three-star
56Yishang plus Hotel8 Guomao SANHENG Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District11815km Three-star
57Haikou Mingyang Hotel29 haixiu East Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District10021km Three-star
58Kailiyade Hotel (Haikou Free Trade Zone)13 binya Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District16316km Three-star
59Gleden smart hotel (jinniuling Park, Haikou)148 Haiken Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District7016km Three-star
60Jindu Hotel48 Longyang Road, Longkun NorthLonghua District2817.1km Three-star
61Haikou zebra Luxury Inn4-8 / F, Nanchang building, 9-1 Binhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District9017km Three-star
62Haikou New Hot Spring International Hotel53 Longkun North Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District12717.1km Three-star
63Haikou Poya wisdom Hotel3rd floor, Yusha central building, 30 Yusha Road, Jinmao street, Longhua DistrictLonghua District3316km Three-star
64Haikou Cosmopolitan Hotel24 Datong Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District39021km Three-star
65Yongjia Hotel (Haikou Nanhai Avenue)75 Nanhai Avenue, Longhua DistrictLonghua District26018km Three-star
66Meiqi Hotel Haikou5 Yilong West Road, Longhua DistrictLonghua District6018km Three-star
67Haikou international Island HotelBuilding 15, Wuyue Plaza, new town, Yingbin Avenue, Longhua District (next to Everbright Bank)Longhua District6324km Three-star
68Haikou Meijing Sea View Hotel16 Binhai Avenue, HaikouLonghua District14317km Three-star
69Haikou Civil Aviation Hotel9 haixiu Avenue, Haikou CityLonghua District28122.0km Three-star
70Hainan xinhaigang Hotel8 Xingang Road (beside Xingang flyover)Longhua District12017.0km Three-star
71Haikou Guoyuan Business HotelNo.16, SANHENG Road, GuomaoLonghua District10016km Three-star
72Haikou Holiday Plaza Business Hotel99 Longhua West RoadLonghua District13819.6km Three-star
73Haikou sea steel hotel 122 haixiu Middle RoadLonghua District6017.1km Three-star
74Jingshan Hotel, Hainan98-1 Longkun South Road (diagonally opposite the provincial high court)Longhua District7824.8km Three-star
75Feifan blue ocean Sunshine Hotel (Haikou South Station)96-1 Nanhai AvenueLonghua District16918.1km Three-star
76Hainan fupeng Garden Hotel80 Chengxi RoadLonghua District8019.9km Three-star
77Baojia Business Hotel Haikou55 Nansha RoadLonghua District5219.6km Three-star
78Haikou shounanshan Boutique Hotel35 Yilong East RoadLonghua District9021.3km Three-star
79Haikou Aosida Concept Hotel40 Nanhai Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou CityLonghua District4520.3km Three-star
80Impression sea flower inn (Haikou Guanlan Lake film commune)1942 street, FengXiaogang film commune, Yangshan Avenue, Longhua District, HaikouLonghua District5031.3km Three-star
81Haikou take time HotelNanyang street, FengXiaogang film commune, Yangshan Avenue, Longhua District, HaikouLonghua District2231.3km Three-star
82Haikou water world Guanlan Holiday ApartmentBuilding 3 and building 5, 39 Yangshan Avenue, Longhua District, HaikouLonghua District2633.4km Three-star
83Home selection Hotel (haixiu middle road Huaqiao middle school, Haikou)69 haixiu Middle Road, Longhua District, HaikouLonghua District7417.8km Three-star
84Haikou jiangpeng Hotel50 haixiu Middle Road, Longhua District, HaikouLonghua District7920.3km Three-star
85Xiushe Golf Spa Resort1 Guanlan Lake Avenue, Longhua District, HaikouLonghua District1537.5km Three-star
86Hainan Shannan HotelOpposite to Jianshe Yiheng Road, Jinpan, Longhua District, HaikouLonghua District6318.7km Three-star

No.Hotel NameAddressDistrictNumber of roomsDistance from the Exhibition and Convention Center(km)Grade
1Wingate by Wyndham Hainan ChengmaiNo. 30, West Yongqing Avenue, Yingbin Peninsula, Old Town Development ZoneChengmai14117.0km Five-star
2Xikang Yunshe HotelNo.11, Xinlong Road, Laocheng Economic Development ZoneChengmai13017.3km Five-star
3Country garden wave bay phoenix hotel88 Jinma Avenue European townChengmai10535.7km Five-star
4DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hainan ChengmaiC01, mangshuwan, Fushan Town, Chengmai CountyChengmai28540.8km Five-star
5Hainan Dapeng Zhongzhou International HotelYingbin Peninsula Old Town Economic Development Zone on the West CoastChengmai25013.3km Four-star
6Chengmai Shengshi Kaiyuan Business HotelIntersection of North Nanhai Avenue and East Yingbin RoadChengmai11916.9km Four-star
7Jing Yuan Yuehaiwan HotelHaikou West Yingbin peninsula north 2nd Ring RoadChengmai18021.7km Four-star
8Chengmai Shiguangyin Lvsheng Hot Spring HotelBuilding 2, Lusheng garden, Yingbin, 1km Industrial Avenue, economic development zone, old townChengmai11520.5km Four-star
9Blue Horizon Hotel9 Shugang Road, software park, old townChengmai22321.9km Four-star
10Berman Hotel (Haikou railway station)99 Nanhai AvenueChengmai8015.4km Three-star
11Chengmai port Grand Hotel71 Nanhai Avenue, old townChengmai13016.1km Three-star
12Vienna 3 good hotel (Chengmai old town)No.12, Qinglong Lane 2, old townChengmai7018.6km Three-star
13Astor Hotel (Chengmai old town)206 Nanhai AvenueChengmai10019.1km Three-star
14Magnolia Hotel (Chengmai Software Park)44 Nanhai Avenue, old townChengmai10018.7km Three-star
15Vienna International Hotel (Haikou old city high speed railway station)Next to PetroChina Yutang gas station, Industrial Avenue, Laocheng townChengmai18520.7km Three-star
16Xingcheng Hotel (Haikou Chengmai Software Park)South 1st ring road, Nanhai Avenue, 100 meters southChengmai7020.5km Three-star
17Jizhu holiday apartment (Chengmai Software Park store)Room 1704, building 5, rongchuang meilunxiyu, South 1st ring road, old townChengmai5021.2km Three-star
18Chengmai zhongfukangyue apartmentR & F mangshuwan biyunxuan building 11Chengmai7041.0km Three-star
19Chengmai chaoshe Resort ApartmentFuli mangshuwan at the exit of Sanlin interchange 573km West Line ExpresswayChengmai10041.5km Three-star
20Chengmai palm Water City Business Hotel1st floor, building 3, palm water city, Jinma Avenue, Jinjiang townChengmai6248.4km Three-star
21Hainan xilaideng Hotel38 km east of Haiyu middle line, Yongfa townChengmai3454.0km Three-star