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Welcome to China International Consumer Products Expo
Welcome to China International Consumer Products Expo
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​Hainan Expo exhibits enter final prep stage

Release time: 2021-04-26 09:24        Source: hiHainan

The First China International Consumer Products Expo, or Hainan Expo, will be held in Haikou from May 7-10, and last minute preparations are being made as all kinds of exclusive products arrive and are lovingly placed into eye-catching exhibition booths. Comprehensive safety and security measures are being put into place by the Expo and the city of Haikou to ensure top-notch service quality, prevent and control the epidemic, welcome arriving visitors, check credentials, provide safety & security at the event, organize volunteers, and more.


(Yuan Chen)

The first group of products for display at the Expo have begun to arrive here in Hainan, with a total of 766 boxes containing 10.6 tons of food items already on hand. HK$1,967,000 worth of luxury goods, including jewelry,  clothing, and more have already cleared customs. Soon, much more will arrive, including many international products that are slated unveiled for the first time ever at the Expo.


(Yuan Chen)

The Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center is undergoing careful preparation in order to welcome the Expo, with all surrounding infrastructure, including the nearby roads, water and electrical lines, firefighting equipment, and warehouse distribution areas being fully optimized.  

Restaurants and lodgings for the Expo visitors are being secured, with price controls being implemented at key hotels and blocks of rooms being reserved. A Hainan cuisine area is just one of a total of eight public food courts being set up in order to serve over 20,000 hungry Expo visitors daily. During the Expo period, a Haikou Fashion Night, International Beer Festival, and many other exciting events will be held, including must-see Hainan cultural performances at the Haikou Opera House, Haikou Bay Performing Arts Center, and other venues across the city.


(Yuan Chen)

In addition, special Expo duty-free policies are being formulated which will fix the amount of products and the monetary value of products that can be imported from overseas and sold duty-free during the Expo period.


(Yuan Chen)

The First China International Consumer Products Expo will cover a total of 80,000 square meters of exhibition space, and is expected to be the largest premium consumer goods expo in the Asia Pacific area. The International Exhibition Area will cover 60,000 square meters, a total of 75% of the exhibition space, and will be divided into five main areas: Fashion Life, Jewelry, Food & Supplements, Hospitality & Professional Services, and Comprehensive Services. 648 companies and 1,193 products from 69 countries and regions will participate, with Switzerland serving as the Guest Country of Honor of the first Hainan Expo. 

The Domestic Exhibition Area will cover 20,000 square meters and include products from all across China, as well as independent delegations from Xiamen and Dalian. Local premium consumer goods as well as time-honored brands will take part. 

A forum on consumption innovation, duty-free shopping, and the travel retail industry will be held at the Expo, over 70 international products will hold their global debuts, and several activities will be held to pair up suppliers with purchasers.

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