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Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port(IV)

Release time: 2020-07-23 11:12        Source: 投资海南

   37. Prevention and control of network security and data security risks. Implement thoroughly the network security level protection system, focus on key information infrastructure and data security, improve the network security system and improve the capacity and level of network security related to the construction of Hainan free trade port. Establish and improve the data exit security management system and improve data flow risk management and control measures.

   38. Prevention and control of public health risks. Strengthen the construction of public health prevention and treatment system, establish surveillance and early warning of infectious diseases and public health emergencies, emergency response platform and decision-making command system and improve our capacity for early prevention, risk assessment and timely disposal. Strengthen the construction of disease prevention and control system, establish provincial centers for disease prevention and control with high standards, establish Hainan Branch of the National Tropical Disease Research Center, accelerate the infrastructure construction of disease prevention and control institutions at all levels and optimize the allocation of laboratory testing resources. Strengthen the construction of public health talent teams, and improve the capabilities for monitoring and early warning, inspection and testing, on-site epidemiological investigation, emergency response and medical treatment. Build a three-level bio-safety protection laboratory and an institute of infectious disease control, strengthen the capability of comprehensive testing and rapid screening, and optimize the reserve and production capacity guarantee system for important health emergency materials. Improve and optimize the treatment system for major epidemics, build a medical service network for infectious diseases, build provincial and municipal infectious disease medical centers based on general or specialized hospitals, and improve the infrastructure and medical conditions of infectious disease medical centers and infectious disease hospitals. Focus on strengthening the construction of medical service capacity for infectious diseases at the grass-roots level, and improve the diagnosis and treatment capacity of infectious diseases in county-level general hospitals. Build a close grid medical group to promote resource sinking and fusion of medical care and prevention. Improve the standardized construction of basic medical and health institutions, and strengthen the capacity for the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases, public health services, and health management. Strengthen the international health and quarantine cooperation and international epidemic information collection and analysis, improve the support for the health and quarantine technical facilities in the port, build a first-class international travel health care center, strictly implement the health declaration system for entry-exit personnel, strengthen the health quarantine of vehicles, personnel, goods and articles coming from key countries or regions, strengthen the joint defense and control and the port quarantine and prevention line. Strengthen the monitoring of global epidemic situation of infectious diseases, promote the early warning of the risk of infectious diseases abroad, and strictly prevent the cross-border spread of major infectious diseases. Establish a joint prevention and control mechanism for overseas epidemics and pests, which will be coordinated by the customs and other departments. Improve the risk warning and fast-response supervision capabilities regarding the quality and safety of import and export commodities, and improve the supervision of key sensitive import and export commodities.

   39. Ecological risk prevention and control. Strictly implement the management system of entry and exit environmental safety access, and prohibit the import of foreign garbage. Promote the construction of facilities for the disposal of hazardous wastes, such as medical waste, and improve the emergency preparedness and response capacity for emergencies involving the ecological environment. Establish and improve the environmental credit evaluation system.

                                                                               III. Phased Step-by-step Arrangement

(I) Key tasks to be completed before 2025. Focus will be granted to promote free and convenient trade and investment and exert effective supervision to carry forward opening up in an ordered way and convenient and effective flow of various elements, thus achieving early harvest and initiating independent customs operations throughout Hainan Island in appropriate time.

   1.Strengthen construction of Special Customs Supervision Zones. An import and export management system featuring “free flow through the first line and efficient control at the second line” will be first adopted in Yangpu Bonded Port Area and other qualified Special Customs Supervision Zones. More special customs supervision zones will be set up based on the need for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

   2. Implement zero-tariff policy on certain imported goods. Except for goods prohibited from tariff exemption or import by laws and regulations, the zero-tariff negative list management will apply to production equipments imported by enterprises for own use; the zero-tariff positive list management will apply to ships, aircrafts, other means of transport and yachts imported to the island for transportation and tourism; the zero-tariff positive list management will also apply to raw and auxiliary materials imported for production within Hainan, or for production and processing (or in the process of trade in service) in a mode where final products would be exported to overseas markets; positive list management will apply to imported goods consumed by residents in Hainan without charging tariff. Goods and items under zero-tariff list management will be exempt from import duties, import value-added tax and consumption tax. The lists will be dynamically adjusted by relevant departments according to practical demand and supervision requirements of Hainan. The quota for offshore duty-free shopping will be raised to RMB 100,000 per person per year, and the categories for duty-free goods will be expanded.

   3. Reduce restrictions on cross-border trade in service. Take Initiatives to standardize domestic rules and regulations that affect the facilitation of trade in service in key areas. Formulate and release the negative list of cross-border trade in service in Hainan Free Trade Port and grant national treatment to overseas service providers. Furthermore, establish the Hainan International Intellectual Property Exchange, foster institutional innovation in the transfer, utilization and taxation of intellectual property; and carry out law-based exploration for the securitization of intellectual property.

   4. Implement “the most-simplified-approval” investment system. Roll out the special list for relaxing market access and the negative list for foreign investment access in Hainan Free Trade Port. Define the geographic range for business operations of foreign-invested enterprises in specific service sectors that are opened up at early stage. Meanwhile, establish and improve the national security review and environmental standards for industrial access, social credit system among other mechanisms to promote the most-simplified-approval system in all respects. Deepen the reform on streamlining business license approval from the business license Establish and improve a process supervision system based on credit supervision and compatible with the negative list management.

   5. Promote pilot reform on cross-border securities investment and financing policy. Support domestic enterprises registered in Hainan Free Trade Port to issue stocks abroad according to their domestic and overseas financing schemes and priority will be given to support enterprises in financing through issuing bonds overseas. The Development and Reform Department of Hainan province will be in charge of the registration management of foreign debt issued by domestic enterprises. Pilot programs on cross-border asset management businesses will be explored to further facilitate foreign exchange operations for cross-border securities investment and financing. A pilot program will also be developed for enterprises in Hainan Free Trade Port to register foreign exchange directly at banks when they go public abroad.


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