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Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port(III)

Release time: 2020-07-23 10:56        Source: 本站

   25. Strengthened law enforcement. Tax administration departments should assess the tax payment behavior based on the places where substantial economic activities take place and value is created and publish early warnings. They should formulate concise and easy-to-enforce criteria for the substantial place of business and place of residence, intensify the recognition of tax evasion risks, prevent tax base erosion and profit shifting, and eradicate the possibility of “heaven of tax evasion”. They should also take active part in international tax collection and supervision cooperation and advance sharing of tax-related intelligence and information.

   26. Phased implementation. This means to carry out the arrangements of zero tariff, low tax rate and streamlined tax structure according to the different phases of building Hainan Free Trade Port and eventually create an internationally competitive tax system.

(IX) Social governance. Focuses should be laid on promoting the reform of government bodies and transformation of government functions, advance the integrated application of blockchain and other technologies into the modernization of the governance system and capacity, and set up a systematic and complete, scientific and standard, and effectively-operated free trade port governance system. 

   27. Deepen the reform of government institutions. Efforts should be made to further promote the implementation of Hainan’s Large Department System, integrate the close and similar functions and responsibilities of different departments, and promote the merger of departments with similar functions. The proportion of comprehensive administrative civil servants should be controlled, the administrative staffing should be adjusted and targeted at supervision departments, and a market-oriented appointment system of professionals should be implemented.

   28. Promote transformation of government functions. Progress should be made in strengthening supervision legislation and law enforcement, expanding the application of the social credit system, further developing the “double random selections and one publication” market supervision system, and conducting inclusive and prudential supervision of new business forms. The role of modern information technologies such as “Internet +”, big data, and blockchain should be given full play. Standard government service norms should be established through government services and other platforms so as to realize government process re-engineering and “all services to be accessed via one website” of government services. Coupled with orderly sharing of data, the services and governance level of the government will be improved. The promises made by the government must be fulfilled earnestly. Those who fail to fulfil promises or fail to fulfill them properly should make compensations without delay.

  29. Create a social governance pattern of joint construction, joint governance and sharing. Efforts should be made to deepen the reform of the household registration system, further relax the residence relocation policy, and implement a unified residence permit system across the island that uses the citizenship number as the only identifier. Greater autonomy should be given to industrial organizations so as to play to their important roles in maintenance of market order, standards formulation and implementation, and mediation of industrial disputes. Greater authority for grassroots governance should be given to communities so as to improve community services and speed up governance innovations.

   30. Innovate the ecological civilization system and mechanism. Progress should be made in promoting the construction of the National Ecological Civilization Pilot Zone (Hainan), establishing the system for efficient use of resources, and improving the natural resource property rights system and paid use system. Efforts should be made to solidly promote the construction of national land spatial planning system and implement differentiated control of the usage of natural ecological spaces; improve the natural resource assets franchise rights and other systems in nature reserves and explore the mechanism of realizing the value of ecological products; establish national parks such as tropical rain forests and build a system of natural reserves with national parks at the core; and to explore and develop a government-led, enterprise and society-involved, market-oriented, and sustainable ecological protection compensation mechanism. In addition, the construction of a unified investigation, evaluation, monitoring and rights registration system for natural resources should be accelerated, and the ecological environment monitoring and evaluation system should be improved.

(X) Rule of law. Efforts should be made to establish a free trade port law system with the Hainan Free Trade Port Law as the basis and local regulations and commercial disputes resolution mechanisms as important components so as to create a world-class free trade port legal environment.

   31. Formulate and implement the Hainan Free Trade Port Law. Clarify in legal form each institutional arrangement in the free trade port so as to provide principle and basic legal guarantee for the construction of the free trade port.

   32. Formulate laws and regulations of the special economic zone. Under the premise of following the Constitution LAW and basic principles of laws and administrative regulations, support Hainan to fully exercise the legislative power of the special economic zone and formulate the laws and regulations of the special economic zone based on the reality of free trade port construction.

   33. Establish a diversified settlement mechanism for commercial disputes. Improve the centralized trial mechanism for international commercial disputes and provide a variety of resolutions to non-litigation disputes, such as international commercial arbitration, and international commercial mediation.

(XI) Risk prevention and control system. Formulate and implement effective measures so as to prevent and reconcile major risks in trade, investment, finance, data flow, ecology and public health in a target-oriented manner.

   34. Trade risk prevention and control. Build the infrastructure and regulatory facilities at open ports and "second-tier ports" with high standard, increase the investment in information system construction and technical equipment, implement intelligent and precise supervision, rely on the island's "people, logistics and capital flow" information management system, social management and supervision system and port supervision system "three lines of defense", form Hainan social management information platform and implement all-weather dynamic monitoring for non-designated areas. Strengthen the supervision of specific areas, set up comprehensive law enforcement spots in areas without port inspection agencies and conduct real-time monitoring and processing of transportation tools, goods and articles loading and unloading. All the goods, articles, personnel and means of transport between Hainan free trade port and the mainland shall be imported from the port. Improve the configuration of the supervision equipment and facilities in the port. The customs shall be responsible for the supervision and investigation of smuggling in the port and other customs surveillance zones. The government of Hainan Province is responsible for anti-smuggling comprehensive management of the whole province and evaluates the comprehensive anti-smuggling management of lower-level governments. Establish a joint anti-smuggling prevention and control mechanism with Guangdong Province, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and other places.

   35. Investment risk prevention and control. Improve the process supervision system that adapts to the investment rules, and strictly implement the review responsibilities of the filing institutions and the filing responsibilities of the filing subjects. Make clear and strengthen the rules and standards for process supervision, consolidate regulatory responsibilities, implement effective supervision over the whole life cycle of investment and operation activities according to law, implement tolerant and prudent supervision over new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models, and implement key supervision over high-risk industries and fields. Establish and improve the legal liability system and formulate strict disciplinary measures for the filing subject that provides false filing information and running illegal operations and so on. Carry out a good security review of foreign investment and effectively guard against national security risks while creating a stable, transparent and predictable investment environment.

   36. Financial risk prevention and control. Optimize the financial infrastructure and legal environment, strengthen the protection of financial consumers' rights and interests, rely on the information monitoring and management system for capital flows, establish and improve the system for monitoring and preventing capital flows and risks. Establish a macro prudential management system for cross-border capital flows in the free trade port and strengthen the identification of major risks and the prevention of systemic financial risks. Strengthen the review of anti-money-laundering, anti-terrorist-financing and anti-tax-evasion review, research and set up money-laundering risk assessment mechanism and regularly assess the money laundering and terrorist financing risks. Build a financial supervision and coordination mechanism suitable for the construction of Hainan free trade port.

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