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Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port(II)

Release time: 2020-07-23 10:40        Source: 投资海南


   14. Establish and improve talent service and management system. Efforts should be made to realize the share and linked approval and linked inspection of information on work permit, visa, and stay and residence. The establishment of talent service centers should be advanced to provide services on employment, education and living and safeguard the lawful rights and interests of talents.

   15. Implement more convenient entry and exit management policy. Visa-free access policy that’s applicable to a broader range should be phased in and the visa-free duration of stay should be gradually extended. Entry-exit frontier inspection and management should be optimized to facilitate the customs clearance of commercial personnel and cruise ships.

(V) Transportation freedom and facilitation. A highly free, convenient and open transportation policy should be effected to advance the construction of international shipping and aviation hubs along the new land and sea channel in western China and to speed up the construction of a modern comprehensive transportation system.

    16. Establish more free and open shipping system. Progress should be made to build the “Yangpu-Port-of-China” home port and support ship registration at Hainan Free Trade Port. Researches should be conducted to set up a shipping operation and management system and a ship crew management system of Hainan Free Trade Port. Limitations on airspace control and sea routes and traffic rights should be further loosened, shipping routes should be optimized, transport capacity should be built up, and more shipping routes and ships should be added.

    17. Advance transportation facilitation and service guarantee level.Advancement should be made in the joint boarding inspection of ships. More efficient, convenient and more quality flag country special supervision policies should be formulated. High-quality and high-efficient financial services should be provided for ship and aircraft financing, including revoking ship and aircraft outbound financing limitations and exploring methods of replacing security deposit with insurance. More emphasis should be laid on constructing the transportation and customs clearance facilitation facilities between other parts of China and Hainan Free Trade Port, assigning personnel as appropriate, and making the transportation between them more free and more convenient.

(VI) Secure and orderly data flow. On the conditions of ensuring secure and controllable data flow, to expand the openness in the data field and innovate the design of security systems for the purpose of realizing sufficient data aggregation and fostering the development of a digital economy.

    18. Orderly open up communication resources and businesses step by step.Value-added telecommunication services should be opened up and limitations on the proportion of share of foreign capital should be lifted gradually. Enterprises registered in Hainan Free Trade Port in substance or whose service facilities are at the port should be allowed to conduct online data processing and transaction processing and other businesses across the entire port and the globe and to gradually conduct businesses across the country on the premise of controllable security. Basic telecommunication services should be opened up in a safe and orderly manner. International pilot projects on internet data interaction should be put on agenda, international submarine optical cables and landing stations should be laid out, and an international communications entry and exit bureau should be set up.

(VII) Modern industrial system. More efforts should be made to develop tourism, modern service sector and high-tech industries and continuously enhance the foundation and competitiveness of real economy.

   19. Tourism. Ecological and green development should always be put first. Focusing on building international tourist consumption centers, progress should be made in deepening the integration of tourism with culture and sports, medical care, elderly care and health promotion. Besides, efforts should be made to improve the development level of Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, build culture and tourism industrial parks, develop characteristic tourist industry clusters, nurture new business forms and patterns of the tourism industry, and create a tourism demonstrative province across the area. Meanwhile, the development of Sanya into a home port to international cruise ships should be accelerated by building the cruise ship tourism pilot zone and attracting more international cruise ships to register. Pilot areas for reform, development and innovation of the yacht industry should be established. Support should be given to developing tourist holiday resorts and 5A scenic areas at national level.

   20. Modern service industry.Efforts should be made to pool global innovation elements, deepen opening up both inwardly and outwardly and attract trans-national companies to set up their headquarters at the port. The port management system and mechanism should be innovated to facilitate the integration of port resources, expand the shipping service industrial chain, promote the growth of bonded warehousing, international logistics distribution, transit trade, bulk commodity trade, sales exhibitions of imported goods, distribution processing, container assembly and disassembly, and other businesses, improve the management and service capacity of global supply chain, develop international shipping hubs, and advance the integrated development of ports, industries and cities. The opening of the service sector to the outside world should be expanded by building Hainan into an international design island, an innovative island in international education in science, engineering, agriculture and medicine, and a regional international exhibition center. Efforts should also be made to improve marine service infrastructure, develop marine logistics, marine tourism, marine information services, marine engineering consultation, marine finance, marine commerce, etc., and build a marine service system with international competitiveness. National foreign cultural trade bases should also be established.

   21. High-tech industries. By focusing on platforms and carriers, industrial capacity and scale should be proliferated and prioritize the development of the IoTs, AI, blockchain, digital trade and other information industries. Relying on Wenchang International Space City and Sanya Deep Sea Science and Technology City, major science and technology facilities and platforms should be laid out and deep sea and deep space industries should be fostered. The advanced manufacturing industry should be strengthened with emphasis on Eco-environment protection, biomedicine, new energy vehicles and smart cars. The advantages of Nanfan Scientific and Research Breeding Base should also be exploited to the full to establish the global tropical agriculture center and the transfer base for introducing global animal and plant germplasm. All will serve to the building of a smart Hainan.

(VIII) Tax system. A tax system that is applicable to high-level free trade ports should be established step by step according to the principles of zero tariff, low tax rate, streamlined tax structure, strengthened law enforcement, and phased implementation.

   22. Zero tariff. Before closing off of customs, some imported goods should be exempted from import tariff, import value-added tax and consumption tax. After closing off of customs and streamlining the tax structure, the goods excluded in the catalogue of taxable imported goods and allowable for being imported by Hainan Free Trade Port are exempted from import tariff.

   23.Low tax rate. Preferential corporate income tax rates should be applied to enterprises running their businesses at Hainan Free Trade Port, and preferential individual income tax rates should be applied to eligible individuals.

   24. Streamlined tax structure. Efforts should be made to explore ways for streamlining the tax structure by combining with the orientation of China’s tax reform. Reform in the categories of taxes should be conducted to reduce the proportion of indirect taxes and make the structure of tax categories more simple and more scientific, the elements of tax system fully optimized, tax burden remarkably reduced, the attribution of incomes more explicit, and the government revenues and expenditures generally balanced.

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