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More than 171,000 new companies set up in Hainan

Release time: 2021-06-19 14:08        Source: hiHainan

As the pace of development of the Hainan Free Trade Port continues to accelerate, Hainan is experiencing an investment boom. Hainan Provincial Market Supervision Administration statistics show that since the release of the Master Plan for the Development of the Hainan Free Trade Port, more than 350,000 new market entities have been set up in Hainan, including more than 171,000 new enterprises as of April this year.

From January to April this year, the number of new market entities in Hainan totaled over 112,000, including 49,000 companies, an increase of 72.51%. In April alone, there was an increase of 42,000 new market entities in Hainan, including more than 16,000 companies, an increase of 32.97%.

According to the Industrial classification for national economic activities, from June last year to April this year, Hainan's new market entities were mainly concentrated in the areas of wholesale & retail, information transmission, software & information technology services, leasing, and business services.

This active market indicates that all sectors are optimistic about the prospects of investing in Hainan. "We hope to seize the opportunities of the Hainan Free Trade Port to create a world-renowned diving destination in Sanya," said Yan Lou, President of PADI China. PADI, the world's largest diving training organization, is registering a diving tourism company in Sanya.

"The Hainan Free Trade Port represents the forefront of China's opening up. We look forward to including Hainan as a special investment destination in our global strategy in the future." At the first China International Consumer Products Expo held this month, Judith Sun, Managing Director of Swarovski Crystal Business in the greater China region expressed her willingness to strengthen investment in Hainan.

As of April this year, Hainan had 1.282 million actual market entities, including nearly 480,000 companies and more than 800,000 industrial and commercial enterprises.

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